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What size and resolution do my images need to be?

What resolution do my images need to be for the web?

Let’s keep this as simple as possible, right? Always set your camera to shoot your images at a medium or high resolution.

How to name your image folders

Keep the originals orderly in a folder named with the date.

Something like 2014-4-1_laura-with-dog will do.

Keeping the date at the beginning, starting with the year, is good for sorting and will make it easier to find all your images again.

Always keep the originals separate

If you are using an image for your website, always make a copy of the original! Then save as the size you want it to be. If you have no clue how large that is, rescale the image to a width of 1280 px, which will do in almost all cases. Remember, always keep your original at the original size because if you try to scale up again, pixels will be showing up.


Images you want to use on your website should be at least 1280px wide. You can always decrease the size later. Enlarging after that will lead to quality loss, its better to keep your original images untouched in a separate folder.

…and just a friendly reminder

…never put text that is relevant to your business in the image file like I did above :-). Text that is ‘burned’ onto the image can not be found by search engines leaving your website a poor lonely destitute.

What if you need a feature image scanning full-width across the top of your home page?

Then it is important that you shoot your raw material accordingly. Remember that composing your shot is utterly important that you don’t spend hours and days going out taking pictures and not being able to use any of them. For a wide image you need to capture what you want to be seen by not focussing in too much. The top image would not work.



Don’t want to hassle with all this? Let me do it for you!


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