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Can anyone learn how to sell?

Can anyone learn how to sell?

Are you a one-woman business?

Have you ever felt it to be difficult to sell yourself? There is a way of saying in German: “Nicht jeder versteht es, sich zu verkaufen” – not everyone is good at selling him-/herself.

Well, luckily we don’t have to, right? We sell our products and services, the things others can benefit from.

  • Is selling a hard thing to do? Can anyone learn how to sell?
  • “I am afraid of coming across as pushy, how do I avoid that?”

I had the opportunity to interview Marita Gray, now Business Language trainer/Coach for Public Speaking and Writing, who has many years of experience as a Sales and Marketing Manager.

  • AND what other important ingredient is necessary to dish up your sweet service or product, besides just ‘talking’?

Find out now. Grab a nice cup of  tea and watch the video and listen to the tips for solo entrepreneurs.

Enjoy and let us hear what you think.



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