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I offer clean websites that appeal to those who value clear and functional communication as well as web coaching (like consulting, only more personal and interactive).


Feel comfortable with your own website, work with it.
Would you like to have a website that you love seeing every day, that represents you or your brand and purpose? We will find your ‘online identity’ and work on plausible solutions with a clear plan.

Websites – unique in function and design, made from scratch. Starting at 5000 CHF.
Websites made with WordPress, using a theme. Starting at 3000 CHF.
I think it is, more often than not, a good idea to work with a ready-made theme, because you can get up a mobile-friendly website up quickly. The available themes of today are feature rich and allow for some easy customizations.

Web Coaching

Web coaching helps establish a clear and actionable plan to move ahead with improving your website and internet marketing. It holds you accountable for the goals you set yourself. Book me for regular coaching sessions so you really get things done.

I also support you with technical and creative services such as photo editing, video editing, portrait photography etc. so you have your hands free for where you are needed most. And last but not least, these sessions help you to stay on track with your goals and give you the time you need to go through the process of finding your unique website.

Kick-off workshop for new website (3 hours)
Get clear about your target audience and goals, how you want to present you services or products, the visual appearance with photos or graphics, and the procedure to develop the website.
300 CHF

Regular support to enhance your website (6 x 1.5 hours)
You are passionate, ambitious, hard working and you want to use your website to make those visions become real – and you need someone to go to for inspiration, assistance and to follow through. That’s me.

Long-term web support, to free up your resources and time.
Content creation and caring for your website and online presence.
Assistance in managing your website. Pre-paid support packages with a 10% discount.

What kind of content could we work on?

  • Photo stories, videos, e-books, video courses, just to name a few.
  • Creating a newsletter, a strategy and an editorial calendar.
  • Setting up, planning and implementing your blog.
  • Developing an online course

More services

Short Portrait Videos, HD
All about you in an asthetically pleasing way. You in an interview, in action, in the environment you work. Short videos are better, so we will keep it under 2 minutes.

Short evaluations. 10 recommendations for change.
What do you wish to achieve with your business website? A short evaluation summed up in a 3-page report will give you 10 actionable steps to make an effective move towards your business goals.

Trainings – mastering your own website and social media platforms

Individual strategy workshops.
Do you need a clear strategy? Would you like to reach more people, sell a product, build a network?
The development of a website should be a top priority in any business or organization and should be included in the strategy, even if your services are predominantly offline. A workshop, for example on goals, development, web products, networking and integration of social media brings clarity and will help you envision your goals and take tangible action steps.

Relaunch / redesign.
As a web project manager, I accompany the relaunch / redesign process. I bring together management, IT and marketing to facilitate the development of web projects.

Usability testing.
Find out about how people use your site and if they do what you think they do, or what you’d like them to do. I can teach a simple technique for you to test your own site. It’s dosen’t take a lot of time, however, it reveals what needs to be improved urgently.

These services are offered in English or in German. I am located in Basel and Rheinfelden, Switzerland.