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I am dedicated to bringing you easy to understand information, tools and tips on how to get a website that serves you and that makes your visitors want to come back time and again.

A website that makes you shine with simplicity and effectiveness, better than you ever thought possible.

I also believe that technology is here to serve us, so let’s keep that part as easy as possible by choosing systems and tools that are fun to learn and use.

What else? I believe that you have to bring yourself fully as a human being to your business in order to be successful. That’s why I love working with people who are dedicated and passionate about what they do.

Consulting with me can be more like working with a coach where we work together creatively to come up with exciting content and solutions on how to bring your offerings to life.

I am also passionate about aesthetics and love to work with photography and video.

Personal bio

Juliette was born in Switzerland but grew up in Baltimore, USA, and later in Eastern Switzerland. She has a masters in Biology from the University in Bern, and later went on to become a teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique. After some years working in medical research she discovered a passion for web and design and went on for a diploma as a Web Project Manager (SAWI, 2009). Today she serves small businesses with making websites, conceptual advice, hands-on coaching and content creation for effective marketing.

She now lives in the region of Basel, speaks and works both in English and German.

I now know that a website is a lively platform that can always be evolved and reshaped whenever I want, and that’s fun! And best of all: I can do it myself on a user-friendly backend!”
Irene Dill Varela